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Sakurai Sho’s time capsule message from 2002, being opened and read in 2009.

“To my future self: What have you in the future been doing these days? Are you married? Anyway, as long as you five Arashi members can have fun together in your work, then it’s all good. I’m here wishing that you’d have grown into a bigger, nicer adult.”

Hello there Sho from 2002,

This Me (Sakuari Dai Fan), Talking to you from Year 2014,

I would like to answer your letter to yourself in this year..

You’re being doing better, these days actually you have great activities in your life, You’re in Sochi, Russia for Winter Olympics , yet you have the DVD of a Movie released (Nazotoki dinner wa ato de) , and the second sequel of another movie is on cinemas soon.

Married! hmmm,.. Not yet.. but not quite sure if there’s any plans soon thou..

It’s All Good, Arashi are having Fun and have a lot to do.. It’s their 15th anniversary after all! can you  believe it! ^___^  

Yes, He grown into bigger, nicer adult. In fact, he is someone you might not recognize anymore :D Very mature and kind.. Someone you would easily admire as I do now! 

Yet, he still easy going and funny as you used to know.. The Young You is still in him.. So, don’t worry, even if it’s 2014, you still exists in him in variety Shows like (VS Arashi and Arashi ni Shiyagare) < those are some of your programs which you (Arashi) are presenting.. It’s really Fun! ^__^

OK, 2002 Sho Sakurai, this letter is from a fan who is from a very far land that you might never heard of before, or at least haven’t thought Arashi would reach this place, but guess what! Arashi has fans all over the world and the fandom is increasing day by day.. because of the hard-work of all the 5 of you.. Aren’t you happy to hear that? Sure you are.. ^___^ 

Keep on hard-work, and We will Keep supporting you all,

Anadi from 2014

Credit: ai_baka

Credit: ai_baka


Sakurai is so cute. :3 Just look at that smile~.


Sakurai is so cute. :3 Just look at that smile~.


「ピクトアップ」2014年4月号 櫻井翔

IT&#8217;S FAKE&#160;! 
IT&#8217;S A FANART!
YET, A DREAM OF A POOR FANGIRL&#160;! (。・//ε//・。)